13th February 2017 Dear Rosemarie I have had a spiritual challenge for almost 24 years which has caused mental, physical and emotional trauma for almost 24 years. I consulted qualified psychologists and psychiatrists during my battles and I was presented with a clear bill of health. I visited numerous religious healers (Islam, Hindu, Christian, Sangomas, Shembe, Spirit Healers etc. The modus of these healers was to “cast out demons” but the relief was temporary and short lived. After many years of trying and failing, being unable to live a normal life, finding it hard to explain to people what I was feeling, experiencing, what an oppressed life I was leading. It was finally when i was at my wits end, ready to throw the towel that I asked GOD to point me to where I needed to go to get healed. That is when I found Rosemarie (Natural Born Healer) as a wildcard search on the internet. Her reading revealed that there was soul attachments from a suicide which resulted in 3 souls entering my body and living within me over the past 24 years. With the accuracy of the initial reading I knew that I was at the right place as all my troubles started when I lost 3 loved ones through suicide. I felt a sense of relief that GOD had pointed me to the correct person who can help release those souls into the light (all the other healers were trying to chase demons which obviously was not the case or solution for me. Rosemarie through the gentle help of her spirit guides released the 3 souls one by one over 3 sessions and the evidence of healing was felt immediately as regards a “lightness”. “freedom” and a general sense of spiritual wellbeing that followed. i.e. a heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders. I thank Rosemarie wholeheartedly for the healing and support in setting me free. If you have had a loved one or loved ones who committed suicide (or died tragically) and they were close to you, and you are struggling spiritually, please visit Rosemarie to get answers and freedom for both you and the souls that have attached themselves to you. There are far and few healers that can help with effective soul attachment release and Rosemarie is one of them. Best Regards Vinesh


3rd August 2013 Dear Rosemary Re: Tumor within the spinal cord I am now 27 years old and  was unable to stand let alone walk;  I was diagnosed with a growth/tumor in my spinal cord and was told the only option I had was to have an operation telling me that it was a 90% chance that I would never be able to walk again and I would be conined to a wheelchair. Deciding to get  2nd opinion from another Neurologist I was told the very same thing so an operation was not much of an option but was neede but no guarantees were given. After a few treatments with Rosemary I was soon able to stand, walk and eventually get bav\ck to work. Just to be able to move around and do things for myself was the best feeling in the world, lying in that bed and knowing there was no hope of getting up and walking again was a scary and devastating thought. I cannot express my gratitude to Rosemary, what she did for me will never be forgotten, thank you, thank you, thank you.   You truly give the words  “ Healing  Hands ”  its meaning. 


10th July 2012   Dear Rosemarie RE:  Stroke and Dementia My Dad is an Entrepreneur  and since his early twenties he has been a part time lay Preacher in the Methodist Church.    He is highly respected in his community and has used his voice to help people transform their lives.   In July 2009, he lost his voice, his ability to conceptualize and speak when he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that affected his right side including movement, speech and was reduced to diapers.   There was little hope of survival and due to the severity at his age, doctors would not operate on him and told us that our best hope was that he would survive but would be bedridden.   It is now exactly 3 years since the stroke and a week ago at age 65, Dad completed 3 healing sessions with you.   In less than a week, we have seen the most  improvement in the shortest space of time.   His Speech Therapist has asked how is it that he goes away to JHB for one week and comes back with such great progress.   You have restored hope that he will make an excellent and probable full recovery.   His Doctor’s report a week prior to seeing you indicated that he has severe dementia, inability to conceptualise and that we were holding on to false hope but you have restored what we thought we had lost.   He can button his cuffs, hold a glass with his right hand which he was unable to do.   His speech is clearer and easy flowing to the extent that today he gave a testimony to a small prayer group that had them jumping for joy as it was concise, with immense clarity and also inspiring.   He processes emotion so much easier and I cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done. God gave him a second chance, you have the gift that does not question God’s love and light but as the humble servant of God that you are, you allow the barriers of fear to be broken  down so that one truly experiences God’s love and in this space healing takes place Thank you so much Rosemarie, your warm atmosphere, sincerity and commitment to doing God’s work shall never go unnoticed for we appreciate all you have done.   I will send you pics of the progress. Thank you, thank you.   May God bless you in abundance and may you continue to be that true expression of God’s love and healing.   I have always believed that God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the call.   God has blessed you Rosemarie. You are a Healer!    With Angel Blessings and love Iris p.s.  2 months later Brian went to his church for a service when his favourite tune was played in his honour.   Thereafter he was requested to say a couple of words, walked to the pulpit and conducted a sermon which gave goose flesh to the community.   The sermon was all about “faith”.    He was applauded, some people cried in joy, the whole church was moved.   He had renewed the hope of many.              


10th February 2012 Dearest Rosemarie My daughter developed Schizophrenia about 3 years ago.   It was upsetting, extremely difficult and depressing to deal with those various personalities to the point of totally dismissing her. I knew that sedating her was not the answer.   A friend referred me to you and slowly but surely you managed to put her back on track and remove those strange and monstrous personalities. A huge  “Thank You”  to you Rosemarie and your Celestial Angels. Kind Regards Angelique  


28th September 2010 Dear Rosemarie This is just a short thank-you letter. You did a “house clearing”  to help remove the negavity and darkness around my home recently.   You did such a good job that we were able to sell our house shortly after you did the clearing.   We also got a good offer from a good buyer and their bond has recently been approved. This just shows me how very good you are at what you do. Thank you. Justine  


April 15th, 2010 Dear Rosemary Everything seems to be going wrong for me including my business.   Somehow I feel that there are a lot of bad energies wherever I turn whether it is in my house or in my business.   Life is becoming very depressing. Since you have come to me, my business has picked up so much that it is buzzing!!! I feel alive again and can face life with positivity. What a pleasure meeting you and from my heart I thank you. Felicia  


10th June 2008 Dear Rosemary I was horrified to actually see an old man daily removing my baby’s milk bottle from the microwave which was put in the night before.   I physically could see him standing in my open plan kitchen. When my husband and myself bought the house I was told that he died there.   I was so fed up to see that man in my space continuously and felt that I was always being watched. Thank you for coming all the way to Boksburg which I so appreciated.   I am now at peace and that old man is obviously at peace too. Kind Regards Roseanne  


5th March 2007   Dear Rosemary Hi, just a short note to say THANK-YOU for helping me put Sister Fiona Harmin at rest and piece, she died at home on the 10th December 2006 then I, Janet Kork had to move in and for Three months the noises were unreal.   Banging in the cupboards, wardrobes, you name it Fiona did.   I could not get any sleep.   Rosemary, since you came into my cottage and helped me to put Fiona at peace I also now am sleeping again. For Seven days I lit the 7 candles and thanked you for taking the spirit away.   Today was my last day for doing this and it has worked very well. Rosemary With Many Thanks THANK-YOU Janet Kork  

Janet Kork

14th April 2005 Dear Rosemarie What a pleasure it was meeting you.    At least I regained hope for my horse “Lady Jane” after a brief chat to you. She hurt herself badly in her hoof with barbed wire.    I felt so desperate specially that she is still a young and lively horse.   The Vet did give her stitches but somehow she just would not heal and was stuck in her stable. Well, a couple of healing sessions did it and she is as happy as can be. Rosemarie, you are an ‘Angel” God Bless Frances  


12th January 2005   Dear Rosemarie Thank you for coming to my house in Bassonia.   My daughter of 25 used to wake up many nights as she felt somebody strangling her.   My grand-daughter who has a toy which operates with batteries only started playing up in the middle of the night after I seriously removed all those batteries. Life had become impossible until you finally came round to do the cleansing.   The energy of the house has changed totally and finally my daughter can sleep right through as she was a wreck. Thank you for being there when we needed you the most. Much love Regina


19th April 2004 Dear Rosemary My son came to Rosemary after we heard her on Radio 702 with Peter Ndoro. At that time he was attending a remedial school and was taking Ritalin in an effort to aid his concentration.   After several visits to Rosemary, we were able to take him off the Ritalin and he is now attending a mainstream private school, at the age of 14. We have noticed a marked improvement in his concentration at school, as well as his general behaviour as he is no longer an angry, irritable boy. Not only are the sessions beneficial for my son, but he really enjoys his sessions with Rosemary. Thank you Rosemary, for giving us a chance at a better future Dianne


19th December 2003 Dear Rosemarie I had a bad car accident five years ago leaving me brain damaged, with loss of balance, one eye blurred, loss of my job, unable to cook for my family (consisting of 4 kids), and a nasty phase of depression. I was about to book a trip Brazil at the healing centre when God led me to you. Quite a few healing session with you have showed a remarkable improvement.   I have regained most of my balance, I can cook for my family daily, have cut down strongly on my anti-depressant tablets too. I can join in laughter and conversation.   I feel like a person again and realise that it is a matter of time for my healing to be complete. I thank you Rosemarie for that special gift that God is providing you with. Lots of Live Serina  


April 30, 2001 Dear Rosemarie I am a 20 year old British Female who was involved in a car accident on the 16th April 1999.   I was trapped inside the car, the Fire Brigade had to cut me out of the car. I suffered laserations to my arms and face, I had a cracked knee-cap as well as severe whiplash accompanied by terrible spasms in both my neck and back. From the time I was released from the hospital until April 2000 I saw my Physiotherapist at least 3 times every week, the problem always being severe spasms.   I saw Doctor after doctor, Specialist after Specialist that I have lost count how many X-rays I have had taken.   Nobody could tell me what was causing my pain.   At that stage I was taking at least 3 pain killers a day. Before the accident I was a happy, outgoing person, but due to the pain and discomfort I was experiencing I was permanently depressed, angry and confused.   I no longer had a social life – I was nasty to anybody and everybody. Then one day my Mother told me that she had just heard a lady speaking over the radio about her healing.   As soon as I spoke to Rosemary I felt some kind of a connection, I even had a lump in my throat. When I met Rosemary I instantly felt that there was something very special about her.   After our first consultation there was a slight decrease in the pain I was experiencing, I stopped going to Physiotherapy.   After our third consultation I was almost totally off painkillers.   Taking maybe one in 2 weeks.   After a few more consultations I was convinced I was back to normal – No PAIN for the first time in a long time.   I could once again start to smile, laugh and enjoy my life again.   Everybody I knew definitely noticed a difference in my personality – I was myself again. Rosemary gave me all the answers I was searching for.   Rosemary gave me a special gift – the gift to live my life the way I did before the accident – PAINFREE, it is the greatest gift anybody can give you. I WILL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO ROSEMARY FOR HELPING ME! YOURS TRULY Laura


23rd June 2007 Dear Rosemarie How can I thank you for changing my son’s life who was attending a remedial school in Fourways. I was devastated to be forced to put him on Retylin but slowly decreased the dosage. From the time he was in his cot various ordeals happened in our house as we soon found out that a young man had committed suicide. There was a definite spirit in him which provoked a lot of learning disabilities. He himself did not understand it as his body jerked and was frightened as the spirit was released. He is no more on Retylin or any type of medication. He is now in a normal private school and doing extremely well and living a normal life thanks to you. Gladys


8th January 2017 Dearest Rosemarie My young sister who was only 16 years old had committed suicide 3 months ago. I was very close to her but being a lot older than her I found my special love, got married and left home. I tried to help as much as I could but was always worried about her and her depression. Soon after her death I started feeling depressed, uneasy, I felt heavy as if there was somebody in my body along with pressure on my neck and shoulders My depression worsened as I started to become suicidal. My sister had obviously decided to inhabit my body. You managed to help her to transcend to the light. Whilst my body moved without my control she departed my body. Thank you Rosemarie for being my earth Angel Much Love Jillian


10th June 2014 Good Day Rosemarie My daughter has been diagnosed with “Delayed Motor Myotomes, lower limbs”. My little Princess just could not walk let alone take one step, furthermore she had by now lost a lot of confidence. I was referred to a massive hospital who dealt with that problem but was gripped by fear when I saw children up to the age of 12 sitting on stools, unable to use their legs. My family and I would like to thank you for all the healing you have done concerning Nkaleko. You gave us hope for the future. Nkaleko can walk today, she has regained all her confidence and enjoys singing and dancing a lot. On a personal level I have shared a special bond with you that I shall take away with me, special memories, love and persistence that you showed my family. Warm Regards Benedine & Family

Benedine & Family

10th June 2014 Good Day Rosemarie My daughter has been diagnosed with “Delayed Motor Myotomes, lower limbs”. My little Princess just could not walk let alone take one step, furthermore she had by now lost a lot of confidence. I was referred to a massive hospital who dealt with that problem but was gripped by fear when I saw children up to the age of 12 sitting on stools, unable to use their legs. My family and I would like to thank you for all the healing you have done concerning Nkaleko. You gave us hope for the future. Nkaleko can walk today, she has regained all her confidence and enjoys singing and dancing a lot. On a personal level I have shared a special bond with you that I shall take away with me, special memories, love and persistence that you showed my family. Warm Regards Benedine & Family


15th February 2012 Dear Rosemarie I was diagnosed with Herpes 11 about 3 years ago and realised that this disease is incurable.   Being in love and trusting that very well-to-do man was to my detriment. I ended up with a nasty fever daily, have already lost 6 teeth,  my gums are swollen with two of my teeth being yellow around them.   My sight has been affected and I have a lot of pain in my one leg and in my back.   Well, I have tried everything, even medication does not seem to help anymore. Somehow God sent me to you and all those symptoms have disappeared, I feel like a new person.   I never stopped hoping for a cure and my prayers have been answered. I do believe in earth angels and you are one.   Thank you. May God bless you in more ways than one. Isabella  


30th January 2012   Dear Rosemarie My son of 11 years old was diagnosed with Autism.   We knew something was wrong with him and went to several Specialists to find out what the problem was.   Hyper is not even the right word for him as I need to watch him 24/7. His sympthoms were:  no communication, could not compose a sentence,  laughing hysterically,  always restless, could not sit for 2 minutes.  Touching everything in front of him or on walls.   Immense difficulty to put him to sleep. I had been to see so many Therapists that I almost resented to come and see you until a friend spoke highly of you.   Well the improvement is phenominal.   He has calmed down so much, his personality has changed.   He has stopped this laughter, can now ask for whatever he wants to eat or do.   What a pleasure after those rough years. You are an earth Angel sent by God to help those in distress.   Thank You. Natasha


24th June 2011 Dear Rosemary Rosemary, just a short note of thanks for all you have done for me, I still can’t believe what has happened in my life….over a period of 3 years I have had both my hips replaced and then unfortunately as a result of hitting a pot hole I had major back problems and was in such pain that it affected my entire life…  I had spent my days in and out of hospital and from one doctor to the next living on the strongest pain killers with no success.   I thank the day that my daughter found your number on the internet and made an appointment for me to see you. Rosemary once again a BIG THANK YOU for a full recovery and absolutely no pain, I am completely a new person. Margaret    


20th July 2010   Dear Rosemary I have felt desolate in that beautiful house.   My kitchen cupboards kept opening when I made sure the night before that they were closed.    I even heard banging in the kitchen on a regular basis.   What an uncomfortable feeling to have to deal with something I just could not understand. In the meantime I found out that a young Teenager had committed suicide in the pool a few years ago before taking occupation of that house. Thank you so much for coming over and cleansing all this negativity and the earthbound spirit which obviously was not at peace. Dorothy


6th April 2010 Dear Rosemarie RE:  DISC  DESICCATION I would like to thank you for taking away my pain. As you know I have been suffering with back pain for more than ten years. I have been to see lots of Doctors and Specialists.  No one could fix me permanently.   But after seeing you a few times, I am now fully cured.   You have changed my life. As I do not have pain anymore, I can now do all the things I want to do pain free. Thank you and God Bless Michael


1 October 2007 I was diagnosed with Menier’s Disease three years ago.  I would constantly get very dizzy and very nauseous and lose all sense of balance to the point where an extreme attack would last up to 4 hours.   I can only imagine that this is what it feels like to be dying!  I truly thought the end was near for me!!! The attacks would come and go with no waning and this left me constantly on edge as I was always worried about when the next attack would come – so started to get panic attacks because of this.   I would lose all sense of control and this disease debilitated me tremendously.   All I could do was lie down in the dark, completely still, and wait for it to pass.   I was watching my life fade away before my eyes. I have had 3 major operations on my ears and yet nothing helped.   Doctors have said that I would have to live with this disease for the rest of my life.   I considered a future filled with doom and gloom and started to become very negative towards life in general. I do believe that it was through the work of our glorious God that a friend called me and told me about Rosemary and how she had helped her and her daughter to hell from their DIS-EASE! I felt I had nothing to lose and decided to go see her.   Being a natural sceptical – I left her first session wondering “can this type of healing really help a person lie me?” Today, I am so very glad that I pursued with my treatments and slowly but surely after each session with Rosemary I felt myself getting better.   I used to have on average during bad stages of the Menier’s Disease – 2 to 3 attacks a day.   Since having been treated by Rosemary – my attacks are gone!   And I believe they are “GONE FOR GOOD!” Rosemary taught me the power of gratitude and visualization!   I persevered even though whilst taking the treatment I would often feel worse – this was because my body de-toxing from years of DIS-EASE that had manifested within me. Rosemary – I have no words BIG enough to explain how truly grateful I am to you for believing in me when I had lost all hope.   I do believe you are one of God’s Angels sent here to help us on earth.   May God Bless you always and be on your side and assist you with this incredible gift that he has given you. Thank you for giving me another chance in Life.   You are truly one phenomenal Human Being! Kindest Regards Sandra    



18th February 2004 Dear Rosemarie Over the past 2 years I have been to quite a few vets regarding my horse “Barnt” who has a serious shoulder problem.   He has been so miserable and walks with pain.   I cannot ride him anymore. I was referred to you by a friend and was told that you were highly recommended. Well, after 3 treatments from you, Barnt is back to himself and is back to normal. Thank you for your miraculous healing. Much Love Sheryl


January 12, 2002 Dear Rosemarie I have still not met you being situated in Cape Town although I feel such a trust and togetherness towards you. Over so many years you have been such a gem.   When I could not see the light ahead, you filled me with hope to carry on.   With so many problems regarding the school of my son as well as being told to put him on Retylin was very distracting at the time.   Thank God you gave me all the strength I needed and had the strength to take a different direction.   He was never administered that drugh thanks to you and is doing so well. Thank you for all your wisdom, you are a real earth Angel. Niresh


1st November 2001 Dear Rosemarie As you know I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 10 years and medication was continually increased over the years. When I can to you in September this year I was in a lot of pain and was really miserable as I felt I was not improving. Since the healing, I have reduced my medication and the incredible improvement in my eyesight (the damage caused to the retina was due to one of the medications prescribed for the Arthritis and which the eye Specialist said was irreversible).   Well I cannot believe the improvement!   I have so many pain free days now, whereas before I could count on one hand pain free days in six months.   Thank you Rosemarie I thank God each day for the healing and for the gift he has blessed you with. With kindest regards Monique  


12 February 2000 To whom it may concern I was diagnosed with severe disc disease (osteo arthritis) of the lower spine approximately six years ago.   I experienced almost constant pain.   I had to lever myself up with my arms when sitting in a lounge chair.   Turning over in bed was painful, and I couldn’t stand for any length of time without suffering pain.   I was prescribed Arthrotec tablets (an anti-inflammatory) which I took three times/day.   While I was taking the tablets, the pain was controlled.   I  stopped taking them, the pain would return. I was listening to Radio 702 one morning, and Rosemary was being interviewed about her gift of healing.   People were telephoning the radio station and telling of how she had helped them.   I made an appointment to see her and she gave me a few healing treatments.   After the treatments, I stopped taking the Arthrotec tablets, and have not had even a twinge in my back since the treatments. Based on my own experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Rosemary.   I can’t thank her enough. Dora