Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing




Being channeled through the Messengers of God to perform Psychic Surgery Rosemarie lays her hands on the part of the body requiring healing. Focusing on the actual disease she opens the channel to turn the dis-ease into ease.

The patient then becomes aware and in tune with his or her specific problem and starts feeling work being carried out within the body.   That same performance is required a few times until the Patient  acknowledges the ease.   Most patients feel very tired after a healing session.   Frequently detoxing takes place the next day which can be accompanied by pain or grumpyness or simply an uneasy feeling.

Rosemarie has worked extensively on numerous dis-eases as well as incurable ones with remarkable results.   Request of the medical diagnosis is required i.e. X-rays, MRI scans etc.    She has so far worked on Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Back-Ached, Bi-Polo, Cancer, Coxsakies Virus (Yuppie Flu),  Disc Desiccation  Depression, Drugs, Eczema Eyes, Fibromialgia, Glandular Fever, Heart, Lungs,  Meunier’s Disease, Migraines, Phantom pain, Psoriasis, Tumors or growth, Sinus, Schizophrenia. Stroke and so on.

Distant Healing has been carried out very successfully on both humans and horses.

However, the nature or name of the disease is totally important.

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