Spirit Attachment



Earthbound spirits take possession of a living person’s body mainly because they are trapped on earth and unable to transcend to the light.    This occurs when a person is feeling vulnerable and off-guard.  

Those mixed energies control your mind, thoughts and actions to such an extent that you lose your own identity.   They create an imbalance which also can manifest into conditions such as Bi=Polar, Depression, anxiety ,obesity, drugs, alcoholism, brain fog, blocks your path ahead, drain your energy, and so on ….

Rosemarie specializes in the removal of spirit attachments that is the cause of most of the above conditions and with her spiritual gift can totally remove these earthbound spirits allowing you to take ownership of your intended destiny.  3 sessions are usually sufficient.

Common symptoms are:  Chronic Fatigue, Outburst of Anger,  Anxiety, Moodiness,  Feeling of being watched, Pressure on shoulders, Suicidal Thoughts,Tendency to Obesity,  Insomnia, Headaches,  Blocked Path and more…..


After the spirit removal sessions they all end up using   the same phrase:   “I FEEL SO MUCH LIGHTER”

From Rosemarie’s personal experience she feels amazed at the following results:

!.     A healthy and positive attitude to life.

  1. High Confidence level
  2. Regained ambition and goal orientated
  3. Full of energy
  4. The facial expression becomes softer.
  5. Some dis-eases disappear depending on its severity.
  6. They are able to take control of their lives
  7. Some are surprised by a photographic memory after years of

        Brain fog and memory struggles.



After the spirit removal sessions you will experience the complete removal of the symptoms, which will release you from the conditions you experienced, giving you a fresh new lease on life.

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